What is this site about?

Christopher von Deylen, better known as electrtonica-artist SCHILLER, gives his personal opinion about a selected album each week on his MySpace - for all lovers of inspiring music.

This site serves as an archive for each presented "Album of the Week".

We hope to encourage you to further advance you musical horizon and to enable you to discover some new - or as a matter of fact "old" - great artists and their albums, which deserve your attention as a friend of music which moves.


28/2009: Micheal Jackson - "Thriller"

This is it - the 'album of the century'. No matter what we are reading in the newspapers these days, Michal Jackson's creative core can be admired on this more-than-unique record. A collection of timeless classics, almost sounding like a 'best of' album. We are all very familliar with these songs, but it is really worthwhile listening to theses pieces again and again, taking some time and mindfulness. The seamless production puts most of today's 'star-producers' to sheer shame, and the performer's dedication paints his modern epigones into the corner of 'inner emptiness'. Reading the credits you will encounter the 'who-is-who' of musicians and artists, even if it was for a brief guitar-solo on "Beat it". This album never sounds cold or artificial, although the producers used high-profile electronic equipment, pioneering its use for modern pop-music. A breathtaking experience, and an album which has the potential to become the 'bible of pop-music' one day - no offence intended. I recommend the "25 Anniversary Edition", as it includes a DVD with the notorious "Thriller"-video and a vintage TV-appearence from the early eighties. Thriller - this is it.


27/2009: Brian Eno - "Another Day on Earth"

Brian Eno actually invented the genre of 'ambient music' back in the seventies. He worked with many different artists, being driven by pure curiosity. From "Cluster" to "U2" he wanted to explore musical feelings beyond common borders. His solo-album "Another Day on Earth" is a collection of fragile electronic works. You may sense his influence on many other artists. And I simply love his unique voice. Not really a singer, he has very a special timbre which enables him to spread a comforting, warm sensation. Check out the simple-but-deep title-track. Highly recommendable...


26/2009: Vangelis - "Blade Runner"

What do I need to say? Nothing I guess. This breathtaking soundtrack is one of my all-time-favourites. Greek composer Vangelis was definitely on his creative peak with this symphonic yet electronic composition. Directed by visual genious Ridley Scott, the sci-fi-classic "Blade Runner" provides dark and eerie pictures which blend so well with Vangelis' melodies... it makes you wonder which part was created first: movie or music? An unforgettable experience. Sit back and enjoy this trip into exciting harmonies full of tension and... romance...


25/2009: CAN - "Anthology"

CAN - a german 'Krautrock'-legend. Founded in the late sixties, this band created a unique influence for generations to come. Many contemporary rock-bands claim that CAN's influence actually lead them to enter the realm of music. CAN was sometimes close to perfection, sometimes even closer - but their innovative intensity still shows a very human approach towards music. A unique blend of diverse styles and attitudes. Some songs of this well-conceived anthology are a bit too 'off' for me, but the wild 'spoon' is definitely my favourite - nothing to play in the background I might add. Full attention required!


24/2009: William Orbit - "My Oracle lives Uptown"

William Orbit - this name suggests sounds from outer space and electronic landsapces. On his latest artist-album he spoils us with a very sophisticated reign of sounds. Some of them are rather 'retro', some are very innovative. I very much like his approach. He is not too vain as an artist, and he did a fantastic job creating Madonna's "Frozen". A contemporary masterpiece and very 'now'.


23/2009: La Duesseldorf - "Viva"

Back in the 70's there was an innovative circle of german artists and bands who reinvented rockmusic. The result was entitled 'Krautrock'. Bands like can, "Cluster", "Tangerine Dream" and "Neu!" followed this new path and created a counterpart to the anglo-american rock-stereotypes of that period. One of these influential groups was 'La Duesseldorf' - obviously based in the city of this very name. The machine-like drumbeats were in fact played live, and the rather anarchic approach towards song-structure is most remarkable. I strongly recommend "Rheinita" - an uplifiting anthem filled with positive energy.


22/2009: Burial - "Untrue"

This is my soundtrack for the dark hour. And in case it is not dark enough, "Burial" will provide this extra-bit of darkness. An incredible powerful combination of Lo-Fi beats, weird samples and inventive yet eerie chords. Widely associated with the subgenre 'Dub Dtep', this album is a regular friend during nightly excursions. Highly recommendable brainfood indeed.


21/2009: Pink Floyd - "Wish You Were Here"

This album should not need any further explanation. Created nearly four decades ago, this work of art is still amazing. Simply amazing. Unwinding to this acoustic extravaganza is a my personal piece of heaven. The title-track with its eerie and magical mood is priceless, and of course "Shine on you crazy Diamond" will keep its classic status until the end of days. Make a wish...


20/2009: Gabriel & Dresden - "Gabriel & Dresden"

This is the electrifying debut-album of san francisco based electro-pop duo "Gabriel & Dresden". A collection of very straight-forward power-anthems. Ambitious club-sounds and widescreen-melodies create an opulent musical blend. An ideal soundtrack for the saturday-night big-city-life. Check out "Enemy". Unfortunately this happens to be not only their first but also their last album - Gabriel & Dresden split in 2008. What a pitty.


19/2009: Air - "Moon Safari"

Yet another modern classic. Created by "Air", the famous french retro-knights of impeccable style and taste. One of the few albums which would make it to 'the island'. Filled with 70's flair and sheer beauty. Unlike many other artists citing that era does not sound emberassing but inspiring instead. "All I Need" still puts chills down my spine, and the magnificant video-clip is a real tearjerker... bon nuit.


18/2009: Röyksopp - "Junior"

Norway - a country close to the arctic circle. Where nights never end in winter and days go on indefinitely in summer. Norway is home of Röyksopp. Their third album 'Junior' is a nice blend of electronic music. Some well-chosen guest-vocalists add up to the nice picture. The result seems to be a little too... nice. A farrago of tempos, styles and sounds. It seems that Rösksopp desperately longs to deliver something for everyone... not daring enough for the pioneers from the north.


17/2009: Tangerine Dream - "Rubycon"

1975 - I just turned five, the vietnam-war was finally over and tangerine dream released their landmark-album 'Rubycon'. Being a substantial part of their 'Core d'Oeuvre', this record is still haunting me today. Endless movies manifest in my head when i listen to their beautiful melotron textures... and once their sequencers start to run amok i start to realize why i still try to become an artist. A deep honesty can be found in this record's imperfection which puts Kraftwerk's cold-hearted calculations to shame. This is pure electronic emotion.


16/2009: Telefon Tel Aviv - "Map of What is Effortless"

One might think that electronica has its homegrounds in Europe, the old part to be precise. Which is why I was even more surprised when I learned that "Telefon Tel Aviv" is based in the United States. This album is a fantastic melange of an innovative use of samples and sometimes harsh rhythms and loops, topped with ultra-melodic layers of spherism. It gets a little too arty here and there though, and some audio-trickery is just a little too 'show off' for my taste. But you can hear that they want to create something 'new' here. And that is what counts.


15/2009: Ulrich Schnauss - "Far Away Trains Passing By"

German electronica artist Ulrich Schnauss proves to be a reliable source of moody instrumentals, tastefully supplemented with what seems to be his own voice. On 'Far away Trains passing by' he shows us his innovative chord-structures and creates an overly warm atmosphere. 'Wherever you are' is my favourite tune on this remarkably unheavy-sounding album. Its lightness never becomes irrelevant. Well done, Mr. Schnauss!


14/2009: Petshop Boys - "Yes"

What can I say - the boys have been around since the golden 80s. Their endless reign of hits provided the soundtrack of my adolescence. Praised by critics, their latest album 'Yes' is certainly not their best effort. But the duo delivers a collection of above-average poptunes, garnished with familiar chords and Neil Tennant's intelligencija lyrics. The marvellous cover was inspired by german painter Gerhard Richter, yet another eccentric example of the boys' devotion towards simplicity. Quite admirable.