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dear schiller-friends,

LICHTBLICK has arrived.

during the last couple of months, the entire schiller-team has helped me to make LICHTBLICK (ray of hope) come true.

LICHTBLICK shows you the exciting schiller-concert at the O2-world hamburg from may 2010.

a very special evening. you - the audience - have given us your beautiful energy. you inspired us, and on behalf of the entire schiller-team i would like to say 'thank you' for your support.

LICHTBLICK also shows you the unique and purely electronic secret-gig at the heimathafen in berlin.

also on LICHBLICK: 9 new schiller-songs. new instrumentals and new sounds with kate havnevik, anggun and many more.

philip glaser's shortmovie 'ten more' is included, and of course: 'WALL OF FRIENDS'. schiler-friends from around the world could sign up to include their names in this special dvd-segment.

and for all fans of 'high definition': enjoy schiller's first blu ray - ATEMLOS LIVE.

thank you so much for your positive energy...

i wish you a peaceful pre-christmas time, wherever you are on this planet.
Christopher von Deylen

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